Which results can you expect from the AQwaVit Water Vitaliser?

Healthier and more immune to stress

Water that has been treated with the AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser has a higher Bovis level* and a smaller cluster structure. Therefore it can penetrate more easily and deeper into the body and circulate better. The AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser

also has a vitalizing effect on your whole environment – even if you do not drink the water. This makes you more resilient to different sources of stress, such as e-smog and geopathic stress. Additional advantages: you need less bottled water so that your ecological footprint becomes smaller and you save money.

*The Bovis value is the vibration number of matter. A vibration higher than 6500 Bovis gives energy and has a strengthening influence, a lower level costs energy and has a weakening influence. Normal tap water has a Bovis level of 1000 – 3000; with the AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser this rises to more than 24,000.

Water pipes become energetic antennae

When the AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser is installed and active in your water system, then all the pipes in your home contain vitalized and informed water. They become ‘energetic antennae’. As a result, the general vitality of your home increases, so that you experience more harmony and tranquillity. At the same time, stress caused by electromagnetic radiation (from mobile phones, Wi-Fi, DECT…) and water veins in your home are harmonised. In short, there is an environment in which your health and vitality are greatly improved.

What about lime?

Lime remains in the water, but in a softer form, which can be easily removed. There is also less lime scale (-75% as shown in a scientific test). Therefore you need less soap and shampoo and fewer cleaning products.

75% less lime scale with the AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser

All advantages of the AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser

Ecological advantages

  • Vital water
  • Better, softer and tastier
  • Less need for bottled water: cheaper and more environmentally friendly
  • Less need for soap and cleaning products

Technical advantages

  • Easy to install yourself, without plumbers
  • No filters
  • No maintenance needed
  • Quiet
  • Takes up a minimum amount of space
  • Minimum use of electric power
  • Can be moved easily
  • Suitable for all types of pipes (synthetic, steel, copper, pipe within pipe…) and all pipe sizes
  • Suitable for all types of water: tap, well and rain water…


For many years I suffered from hair loss. Some weeks after installing an AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser this stopped for good. My nails are much stronger too.
I am very sensitive to e-smog. With the AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser I became much more relaxed and I am well rested too.

The water is much softer and nicer to use in the shower.
The plants in my home are visibly healthier.
I am really satisfied with the way the AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser works and I would not want to miss it anymore.
The water is much softer and tastes much better too.
The water tastes fuller, is odourless, tastier and looks clearer.
Our cat drinks more water and our orchids are flowering better than ever.
Before installation we had lime scale in the kettle, now the lime is reduced to very fine granules.
Family and friends feel more tranquil than they did before in our home.