AQwaVit Industrial Home Cleanse Zuivert uw woning energetisch voor optimaal welzijn

AQwaVit® Industrial Home Cleanse

Purify your home for optimal wellbeing

Have you ever found yourself feeling uncomfortable in certain places? Maybe you don’t even feel at home in your own house or you experience a lot of disturbance and disharmony. Many homes and workplaces are heavily loaded energetically. For residents or users, this can lead to anxiety, nightmares, sleep disturbances, psychological and other health problems

We all know those shop premises that continually change hands because nothing works, even though the owners do everything they can to make their business a success. These are usually places that are energetically burdened. Potential clients instinctively pick up the disharmony and don’t enter the shop.

Does your home or workplace feel disharmonious? Is there a lot of illness and discontent among the residents or colleagues or a fast staff turnover? There is a good chance that this is due to a powerful energetic disharmony in and around the building

Quantum physics

Quantum physics teaches us that matter is only composed of energy and information. If this energy or information is disharmonious, this manifests as disharmonious situations and circumstances. We often feel this unconsciously but cannot express explicitly what exactly is going on.

In order to feel good and be successful, we need the places where we work and live to provide profound support systems. We developed the patented AQwaVit® Industrial Home Cleanse-unit after years of research and testing. This appliance can be hired for the six-week period of the Home Cleanse cycle.


The AQwaVit® Industrial Home Cleanse-unit is an appliance that works according to the principles of quantum physics combined with customised computer programs that are tuned to the space to be harmonised. In a short time all the potentially burdensome energies are profoundly transformed into harmonious and supportive energies.

The appliance is very easy to use: you place it in your home or office, plug it in and the Home Cleanse cycle begins. The cycle consists of a few large blocks during which many different programs for energetic purification are run consecutively.

An AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser must be placed on the water pipe for the entire duration of the Home Cleanse cycle and afterwardsso that everything is energetically cleaned even if damaging energies should appear in the future. These are then also transformed.

Personalised solutions

AQwaVit® Industrial appliances connect with our servers through the cell phone network and are controlled from there. They also perform quantum mechanical measurements of the environment. These measurements are sent to the server and form the basis for the creation of a dedicated program that addresses the environment and energies that are present at that time. This allows us to deliver a highly personalisedservice.

Lasting results

After the Home Cleanse cycle is complete, all stressful energies in the space – both geopathic (water veins, earth radiation, etc.) and metaphysical in nature – are transformed. All energetic loads, however heavy, are converted into supportive energies. You can feel the gentle peace and harmony of the purified space.

The AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser, which remains on the water pipe after the Home Cleanse cycle is complete, ensures that the environment stays clean as long as the appliance is operating.

Practical information

The appliance is shipped to you via bpost when your payment is received. As soon as the cycle is complete, you return the appliance in the same packaging using the supplied label.

Installation is very simple: plug in the power cable of the AQwaVit® Industrial Home Cleanse unit to a socket and the appliance starts to work. You can find more information in the supplied manual.

The AQwaVit® Water Vitaliser is purchased separately and remains in your possession.

Dedicated solutions for professional use

The Home Cleanse cycle described here is for domestic use. For professional applications, such as in offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, etc., we design tailor-made solutions for the AQwaVit® Industrial. If you are interested, please contact us on of +32(0)50 69 02 45.